The End of Summer

Labour day weekend marks the official end of summer for me. In Edmonton, it starts to feel

like fall is in the air some time after the middle of August. This year it seemed like Fall came

earlier than ever.

I heard somewhere recently that it’s a good idea to buy school supplies at the end of summer, even when school is a distant memory - I mean, wasn’t that the best part of starting a new school year? That, and the new clothes. September is in my top 3 favourite months, along with May and December. Something about the quality of the light, and the air. And, hopefully, some last, beautiful, warm days that start out cold and end cold, But that middle part - glorious! Fall is new beginnings, pumpkin spice everything, soup, apples, comfort food, walks in the ravine to see what the beavers are up to, getting organized for the more productive time until next summer comes again, with it’s Festivals and party like nature.

I love Fall. It always seems way too short, kind of like summer; transient, and all the more precious for it’s brevity.

Time to put away the summer clothes (didn’t I just take them out yesterday?) and find my sweaters and coats and

boots. Time to find outdoor patios and revel in every day that it’s still warm enough to sit out on them, maybe try

and store up the memories for the long winter ahead.

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