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Robyne Walters is my favourite kind of musician. She will move you with her gorgeous singing and charm you with an easy, candid and often irreverent stage presence when it's her turn to shine. And when she's called upon to support others, she is a highly sensitive accompanist and background singer with strong leadership skills, a keen sensibility toward providing what is most needed, and the ability to navigate through it all with grace and maturity. It is always a true pleasure to watch Robyne perform whether I'm standing next to her on-stage or listening from the audience.

Full Length Biography

Robyne was born and raised in Edmonton, and has lived here her whole life, except for 6 months in Brazil when she was 17, a year in Oregon when she was 19, a year in Calgary when she was 21, and a few months in Red Deer when she was 24. 


Before that she remembers hearing her sisters practice their piano lessons, and going to the piano to pick out the notes of the songs by ear. At age five she began lessons herself. She also remembers lying under the stereo cabinet at home and listening to Wilf Carter sing "Where's My Wandering Boy Tonight?". 

Growing up in a musical family and a musical church afforded her many opportunities to sing - congregational singing in four part harmony, with a parent on either side singing different parts, in the car singing three part harmonies, and many chances to sing solos, and in choirs and Musicals. She had many opportunities to sing to crowds from 30 to hundreds at various church events.

When she was 13 she was asked to be the lead singer of a christian pop band called Micah, with whom she recorded an album at the age of 16, that she is still proud of to this day. She also started to accompany herself on piano around this age.

It was at the age of 17 that she moved to Brazil with 3 other members of Micah to sing, and to do some work with missionary families there. After coming back to Edmonton, she continued singing with Micah for a while, and then moved on to various solo projects, mostly in churches.

It was in 1979 when she moved to Oregon to attend Bible School that she learned a new style of singing during the hour of worship music that began the school day. It had a huge influence on her singing style, as she had always been drawn to music that conveyed emotion and spirituality, and this combined the two in a way she had never heard before. She loved having an object for the deep feelings she wanted to express. It was a powerful combination that is a big part of her musical style to this day.

Her biggest influence always was, and continues to be the female voice - Linda Ronstadt, Olivia Newton John, Diana Ross,and Jennifer Warnes were among her favourites, but one of her earliest memories of a singer influencing her style was the singer Big John Hall. Her parents took her to a concert when she was 10, and bought an 8-track, and they indulged her by playing it every time they drove anywhere with her in the Buick, while she sang every note and trill along with him, laying in the back window of the car. The fact that he sang bass didn't seem to phase her. The first two solo pieces she remembers singing were from that recording - "If God Is Dead, Who's This Living In My Soul?", and "Little Is Much If God Is In It". She remembers listening to a couple of other 8-tracks by the hour - Anne Murray and the Bill Gaither Trio, and wonders at her parent's patience!

After living in Calgary for a year from 1981 - 1982, she moved back to Edmonton, and in

1984 she got married and spent many busy years raising her five children, singing whenever she could. 

In the year 2000, while going through a difficult divorce, she turned to singing for comfort and therapy, and in the fall of that year joined a band that sang at the church she had started attending. A year later she formed her own band and started spending more time singing, later becoming the Music Director of the church in the year 2004. This job enabled her to meet many musicians with whom she worked on various projects.

In 2007 she met a singer at the Centre - Anna Beaumont, who she began to work with, accompanying her on keyboards, and back-up vocals at her concerts, and discovered through working with her, a kindred spirit, who shared her passion for the voice. Eventually Anna convinced her to become a vocal coach, then the two of them decided to teach workshops together on the voice. Through this she has discovered a whole new passion - helping other people discover how to sing with more freedom and power.

This spring, Robyne began a project that fulfilled a lifelong dream of recording her own CD, and so far has three original songs recorded, and is working toward completing a full length CD.